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Meet Claire Stevens, also known here as The Step Collector, an educator during the week and a walker in the weekends. Born and raised in the UK and living in Leicester in the East Midlands. Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England and the best place to eat Indian food in the UK.

The Leicester City football club won their first Premier League last 2015|2016.  It is described as the best football fairy-tale of history.

In 2015 they reburied the remains of King Richard III, the last English king killed in battle (1485). They found his remains in 2012 in a Leicester carpark and it took some extensive anthropological and genetic testing to find out if it was really him. He is reburied at Leicester Cathedral.

Around all that history The Step Collector takes us on long and adventurous weekend walks that always end in a proper British pub!

Leicester, King Richard III, reburial, UK, the step collector

 Reinterment of King Richard III by Claire Stevens


Calder McLaughlin from Leicester

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